Your objective

You would like to use exclusive services or visit extraordinary events during your stay in Paris.


Together with our partners, we can organise exclusive concierge services, prestige events and sightseeing.

Our services

Concierge services: In conjunction with our specialist partners, we can offer you individual services to meet the highest demands. A personal concierge can look after your every need, for example, hotels or restaurants, visits to selected health spas or participation in exclusive events. This includes taking over the event management for parties such as birthdays or weddings.

Shopping service: We can organise visits to the most prestigious boutiques in Paris for you. Your personal shopper will accompany you to unique stores where all your shopping needs will be fulfilled at the very highest level.

Private events: We can organise exclusive events, such as private museum tours in Paris outside normal opening times, a visit to the Ateliers of Haute Couture, a personal meeting with the best chefs in the country or other extraordinary experiences.

  • Are there events or places in Paris you have always wanted to visit?

  • Is there something special you would like to experience whilst in Paris?

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