Your objective

You plan to buy an exclusive property in Paris or France. You want to make the search for your desired property as efficient as possible and save as much time as you can.


Property finder service: Together with our partners, we can search for the property which fulfills your wishes of location, size and facilities. We begin our property search with your personal preferences and search criteria in mind.

Our services

Information: You will receive detailed information about our approach and the property search process.

Search criteria: The first stage is to get to know your exact priorities and expectations of your desired property. In cooperation with our partners, we will draw up a list of the characteristics you want from a property with respect to position and property style (architectural style, room layout, lightness, etc.).

Planning: We coordinate the individual stages of the property search and any additional consultancy services with you, according to your preferences and wishes.

Search process: Together with our partners, we research available properties which meet your search criteria, make a preliminary selection and view suitable properties for you.

Properties available: Your personal contact will give you regular updates on the progress of the property search and on any properties found. You will receive detailed descriptions of the properties we have viewed, with detailed photos. We will also add our own comments and recommendations.

Location advice: On request, we can produce an analysis of the characteristics of a district or region. A few selected location factors which can be investigated are:

  • Transport connections (e.g. connections to airports and motorways, quality of public transport),

  • Social environment factors (e.g. population density, social structure),

  • Cultural facilities (e.g. proximity to theatres, cinemas, museums),

  • Educational facilities (e.g. nurseries, schools),

  • Information on the environment (e.g. pollution, climate).

Interior design: Once you have decided to buy, we can, if you wish, organise all design and renovation work for you. We work exclusively with leading interior designers and decorators.

Our rates

Our rates and those of our partners are based on the individual services you require. Essentially, there is a charge for the following services:

  • At the beginning of the property search:A fixed service fee, which includes the property search services agreed on as part of a service contract and any other individual consultancy services required.

  • On signing a property purchase contract:A finding fee based on the price of the property you are buying. These finding fees are only payable if we are successful, i.e. once you have decided to buy a property we have found.

Contact localis consulting

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