Your objective

You want to market your exclusive properties in France in German-speaking countries and in Asia, particularly in China.


Based on an analysis of your current situation, we will develop individual marketing and communication strategies for your properties. Emphasis is placed on a communication policy tailored towards the cultural and regional characteristics for marketing your properties; specific terms are then developed to produce target-group oriented marketing measures.

Our services

Market analysis: We analyse the market conditions in the target market for you.

  • What are the characteristics of the market?

  • What are the characteristics of the demand for French property in the target market?

  • What are competitors doing?

  • What trends can be expected?

Customer analysis: We analyse the customer segments in the target market who are interested in buying or renting luxury property in France, for you.

  • Who are these potential customers?

  • What are the specific requirements of these customers?

  • What changes can be expected in needs and customer behaviour?

Market potential analysis: As a result, you receive information and trends on the market potential in the target market with respect to the marketing possibilities for exclusive French properties.

  • What sub-markets and customer segments are particularly attractive?

  • What market growth and changes in demand can be expected?

Addressing the target group: We can work out strategies and measures for you to allow optimum communication with target groups to ensure successful property marketing.

  • Which target groups should be focused on?

  • Which methods of communication should be used to address the relevant target groups efficiently?

Communication strategy: We work with you to implement coordinated communication tools allowing optimum contact with target groups.

  • Should your property be marketed exclusively through the media?

  • Or should potential customers also be approached directly?

Advertising planning: We can advise you on selecting appropriate media and advertising to market your property.

  • Which media is most important in the target markets to advertise your property?

  • In which print media should advertisements appear?

Online advertising: We can develop an advertising strategy for you to allow target group-oriented presentation of your exclusive properties on the Internet.

  • How can online property advertising be made efficient?

  • Which internet sites are particularly relevant in the target markets for marketing luxury French property?

Customer contacts: We support you in creating direct personal contacts with potential customers.

  • What exhibitions and events in the target market are most suitable for the presentation of your property?

  • Which organisations and contact partners should be addressed in the target market?

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