Norbert Szemlewski

Norbert Szemlewski is the managing director and shareholder of localis GmbH. He advises medium-sized property companies and especially estate agents on all aspects of strategic management and marketing. His activities also focus on implementing location analyses and advising both companies and private individuals on searching for and purchasing exclusive properties in France.


After studying town and country planning (Degree in Engineering) and Business Management (Degree in Business) he first joined a consultancy company specialising in medium-sized companies. Numerous interdisciplinary projects in various sectors and at different hierarchical levels allowed him to learn what success factors were crucial in everyday business from the perspective of the management consultant. In 2002, he started out as a self-employed management consultant specialising in marketing, strategic management and future management. Having worked extensively on analysis of the property market in France he has excellent knowledge and experience in this field.


In 2008, Norbert Szemlewski founded localis GmbH, which has offices in Dortmund and Paris.

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